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Intentional E-Commerce
Show Up for your life's journey to soul-satisfying success.

Our Divine Destiny Is Calling Us Home.

It's up to you to say that you want to be truly free – to liberate yourself from any fearful influence in your life.

You can fulfill your life purpose & divine destiny.

In your life and your business: you succeed by choosing to express yourself more freely & authentically.

And no, you don't have to do it alone. I'm here to help you Show Up for your life's journey – for your journey to soul-satisfying success.

I'll invite you first when I launch my 1-to-1 e-commerce mentoring.

Sending love,


I'm Jasper Haeward.

Digital media has been an integral part of my life since I was 15 years old.

At every fun and difficult stage in my life, the connections I’ve made with people on the Internet have helped me to discover depths about myself, about the world, and about business.

Finally at 29, my introverted self has come to realize that you can’t do digital without people – and without showing up 100%. 

We could just build you a gorgeous website right now, but would it mean something to you?

In fact, I was on my way to build my 5th website for this year, and I was stopped in my tracks by Tori Washington's "Heal Her" session.

My Inner Child (our CFO) and I, we needed to talk - before I could open up and access the true nature of my business.

Before I could manifest my business in its truest form, scared 14-year old Jasper needed to lovingly hear and know that I'm the Wise Adult now.

That's what I did. And that's why I can talk to you so openly.

Even in our business, we need to talk with our hearts.

We know intrinsically when we see fake branding, see dishonest business practices, or know when someone isn't being their authentic self with us in our personal lives.

We know that Showing Up Fully is not optional for success, for love, or for our best, most luxuriously delicious life.

Today I want to challenge you to step FULLY into your heart, and really ask yourself: "Can people see my heart through my business?"

If the first thing that comes up sounds something like "Well that won't make me any money" or "People won't like me"
... let me shift your perspective.

There are real people making 6-figures, 7-figures, and yes: 8-figures doing nothing but pouring into their business from their heart.

Guess what that means? You get to do that too.

Your Divine Blueprint for Success is embedded in your own soul.

I can help you unlock it.

I'll invite you first, when my 1-to-1 mentorship for e-commerce is open.

Let's communicate from our hearts, and let's both show up 100%.

Sending love,

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